Song of forgiveness

When God teaches a song called “Forgiveness”
Recently, God brought it to my heart that I am still bitter and angry.
Oh how I don’t like it when HE is poking me like that! So I set it aside so I don’t have to deal with it. Recently, he said it again, “Forgive!” I said, I CAN’T!” “I’ve tried and I thought I did but I CAN”T!

Then GOD said,” I didn’t say ONCE! Seventy times seven.. If you are angry again, you should forgive again!”
Stubborn me said, “I CAN’T! It’s easier to hate… to be angry… I have the right! I don’t really want to and I CAN’T!”

Then God said to me so clearly,” What do you say to your students when they say I CAN’T when you asked them to play a new song?”
Me: I would MAKE them learn it even more because I told my students that I don’t like hearing “I can’t!”

GOD: “Then.. don’t you say….. I will play along with you! I will teach you! I am here next to you! Don’t you worry about the note you can’t read or play! WHEN we GET to that part… I will SHOW YOU!! I will guide your hand if I have to!” Yes, the first time will be rough and choppy! But we will get through it TOGETHER! We will practice together… One line at a time… One song at a time… One hour at a time… One day at a time…. Until you can play that new song of forgiveness so naturally!

Oh how HE made me cried tears and tears of joy because I know He is right!. Only HE can speaks my language and makes things so clear to me! I am so grateful that my GOD is a much better teacher than I am for HE will never leave me until I’ve learnt what HE wants me to learn… It’s a hard song to learn.. It will take some time to practice and to get it right.. but I have the BEST teacher to be sitting next to me… Yes.. I will make mistakes and stumble but when I do… as I told my student, ” Well, let’s do it again and I will show you!” He will show me and guide me…for HIS mercies never come to an end.. They are new every morning! Great is THY faithfulness!

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