As the end of 2016 come near… I wonder…
Of the road we’ve travelled…
Some were clear and straight-forward…
Some were foggy and filled with uncertainty
those that required us to proceed with cautions,travelled defensively with our headlights on to see what is ahead…
Somewhere along those road, a crash can happened
It traumatized.. It changes things.
My dear hubby hit a deer few weeks ago..
It damaged the car… but then we gave it a break, a “fix” that was needed…. The car came back… “fixed”…But if you look closer, some scar remains… “Bring it back if you have problem…we will fix it they say…”
Isn’t God that way….. He FIXES broken hearts…but HE needs all the pieces to fix it… You can’t hold on to any… You need to give it all to HIM.
2017 is an unknown path to so many… I have friends who are facing cancers and other struggles… Unknown path is scary… but if we let GOD drive…. We can feel safe knowing that HE is in control… Knowing that whatever may come to us… HE will take care of us!
If you don’t believe me…. Look back… HE was there…. in the still small voice that tell your reflex to ” HIT the brake, take the turn, watch out”, in the circle of friends and families that travelled with you, ” Keep you awake when you are sleepy, made you laugh, made you get up when you don’t feel you want to”…. and in all those circumstances around you when you travelled those roads….
We hope you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017…. But more than anything, We hope that you will let GOD be the driver! Because when HE is the driver, you are in for an amazing ride even through a storm!