HI! I am Xian.. Welcome to immigrant mommy. I started blogging in 2011 but stop around 2014 due to a crazy busy time in my life. I’ve the same blog name then.  So it is not named after the current political trending regarding immigrants.

This is a blog about my journey through life in general while loving my husband and raising 3 self-proclaimed twinkies (yellow outside, white inside). I hope to build friendships and connect with other mommies out there especially those that are trying to weave heritage and new culture into a beautiful tapestry of life…. No matter where you are!

A little bit about us:
My husband and I are proud immigrants! I came to the U.S in my senior year of H.S as an exchange student and my husband came for college. Now, we are blessed to be citizens of this great nation and settle in the midwest!

Life at home can get interesting because we are trying to raise 3 American born kiddos who called themselves “twinkies” (they are yellow on the outside but white inside). So this blog is our journey through life in this foreign land that we’ve called home and the daily craziness that comes with doing life.

We LOVE music!! A Chinese version of “The Von Trapp family singers” if you may.  So when words fail…. we let music speaks… We also love FOOD! We all like to cook and spend time in the kitchen with family and friends! You can check our food blog here at: Rice with Cheese

So grab a cup of coffee, water, tea or soda…. stay a while and roam around….

I am honored that you reading this blog!